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Your Moving Day - What to Expect

Your moving day, is the day you finally implement all that you have been planning. Most movers will require payment of a deposit before the moving day. Others will require that payment for the full amount during or before the moving day, but this can always be negotiated to come up with a payment plan that will make everybody happy.

Most movers will take you everywhere you want to go within the state, but only a few move people across states, and this is usually at an extra cost.

Moving companies will give a contract and in such contracts, most companies have been known to distance themselves from paying for damages due to breakages of loss from theft and it is therefore important to read through the fine print critically.

During the actual moving day, a team will arrive to pack the items, but you can choose to do the packing yourself to minimize on costs. These packers work quickly and methodically to group items together for packing and they will use several types of boxes to do this. There are specialty cartons for hanging clothes, dishes and other breakables, and for artwork and large mirrors – they are professionals who have been doing it for a long time and it is advisable that you do not interfere with their system.

The moving company should give truck rental services and the trucks will arrive before packaging is being done so that whatever is packed can be taken straight to the truck. The truck rental can be outsourced in some cases.

The movers will compile a list of boxes and numbered items, and present you with a list – this is done to eliminate future complaints about lost or damaged items. The moving team will also mark the non-boxed items with a number and this is done for the same purpose.

During the moving day, the movers who helped you pack will be the ones to do the unpacking if you are not moving far away. After confirmation that everything has arrived and after you have checked for breakages, they will unload the truck and for an extra cost, they can do the unpacking. A claim should be made at this point, since it will be very difficult to make it later.
The truck will arrive at a designated time and it is important to be prepared because most moving companies charge by the hour. If a long distance will be covered during the move, you expect a change of drivers along the way.

Auto shipping may be necessary and the moving company can provide these services. You expect them to come before the actual moving day to pick the car.
If you require storage, expect the boxes to be transported to the storage facility where they will remain until the moving day when they will be loaded back onto a truck. Most movers provide this service in their warehouses.

There are fundamental differences between self-moving and using the services of movers and it is important to weigh the pros against the cons of each method before your moving day.